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The History of the City of New York—E-Seminar 3, Urban Crisis: Fire and Water
Resource Type: E-Seminar
Taught by: Kenneth T. Jackson

Urban Crisis: Fire and Water is the third e-seminar in The History of the City of New York, a series based on Kenneth T. Jackson's legendary course, which he has taught for over three decades, on the history of New York City. In this e-seminar, Professor Jackson examines the various ways that over the years New York City has responded to fires and water supply problems, two of the serious challenges faced by urban populations.
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Document-Based QuestionsDocument-Based QuestionsTeaching ActivitiesTeaching Activities

1. City Problems: Poverty and Slums

1. Urban Reform

Point-CounterpointPoint-CounterpointClassroom SimulationsClassroom Simulations

1. Urban Problems: Fire, Water, Epidemics, and Open Spaces

1. Moot Court: Central Park on Trial

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