Southern Whites
Drawing National Attention
March on Washington
A National Problem
What Happened in White America?
Key Figures

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America Since 1945: The Civil-Rights Movement
John F. Kennedy in Universal International Newsreel, "Alabama Story, Negroes Enrolled as Governor Yields" (1963).Civil-rights leaders walk from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington (August 28, 1963). Crowds on the Mall during the March on Washington (1963).
Civil-rights demonstrators in Universal Newsreel, "The Selma Story: President Seeks End to Civil Strife" (1965).A burning building in Universal Newsreel, "Troops Patrol L.A., Damage Heavy in Coast Riots" (1965).Looters in Universal Pictures Newsreel, "Riots Decried: President Calls for Law and Order" (1967).
Technical Requirements Begin
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