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Intellectual and Cultural History of the United States, 1890–1945—E-Seminar 1, The Crisis of Victorianism
Resource Type: E-Seminar
Taught by: Casey Nelson Blake

Between the end of the Civil War and 1900, educated Americans reacted against Victorian values. In the first in a series of e-seminars, Casey Blake describes the new attitudes about the future, the separation of the sexes, masculinity, and the role of women. He concludes by reflecting on the beginnings of modernism at the end of the nineteenth century.
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Document-Based QuestionsDocument-Based QuestionsTeaching ActivitiesTeaching Activities

1. The Environmental Movements

2. Women and the Progressive Era

1. Women during the Progressive Era

2. Turner and "The Frontier"

Point-CounterpointPoint-CounterpointClassroom SimulationsClassroom Simulations

1. A New Masculinity

2. Young Generation's Response to Victorian Culture

1. Women and Social Reform

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