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Slavery and Emancipation—E-Seminar 2, The Struggle for Freedom
Resource Type: E-Seminar
Taught by: Eric Foner

In this second e-seminar of his Slavery and Emancipation series, Professor Eric Foner examines slavery and the American Revolution. He examines the dramatic struggle for freedom waged concurrently by American colonists against the British Empire and by blacks against the institution of slavery. While blacks seized the revolutionary rhetoric of liberty and equality to justify their natural right to freedom, the U.S. Constitution protected the institution of slavery.
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Document-Based QuestionsDocument-Based QuestionsTeaching ActivitiesTeaching Activities

1. The American Revolution and Its Legacy

2. The American Revolution and Slavery

1. The Declaration of Independence

2. Slavery and the U.S. Constitution

Point-CounterpointPoint-CounterpointClassroom SimulationsClassroom Simulations

1. The Role of Slaves in the Struggle for Independence

2. The Effects of the American Revolution on Slavery

1. The American Revolution and the Meaning of Equality

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