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Slavery and Emancipation—E-Seminar 5, The Civil War
Resource Type: E-Seminar
Taught by: Eric Foner

In The Civil War, the fifth in the series Slavery and Emancipation, Professor Eric Foner explores the combination of factors that propelled the Lincoln administration down the road to emancipation. Foner also describes how the service of black men in the Union forces contributed to the war's outcome and raised the question of black citizenship.
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Document-Based QuestionsDocument-Based QuestionsTeaching ActivitiesTeaching Activities

1. African Americans and the Civil War

1. Emancipation As an Aim of the Civil War

2. Lincoln and the Role of Blacks in the Civil War

Point-CounterpointPoint-CounterpointClassroom SimulationsClassroom Simulations

1. The Emancipation Proclamation

2. The Role of African Americans in the Civil War

1. Decisions of Slaves to Leave the Plantation: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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