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Columbia American History Online (CAHO) is a growing collection of resources designed for students and teachers at the high-school and college levels. CAHO comprises e-seminars that are derived from the following four semester-length courses, taught by faculty from the history department at Columbia University:

Intellectual and Cultural History of the United States, 1890–1945, taught by Casey Blake
America Since 1945, taught by Alan Brinkley
Slavery and Emancipation, taught by Eric Foner
The History of the City of New York, taught by Kenneth Jackson

Each college-level course is being transformed into a series of 8 to 10 lively online lectures, called "e-seminars." New e-seminars are added each year to expand CAHO's offerings. Each e-seminar integrates curricular materials, such as Document-Based Questions (DBQs), Point-Counterpoints, Simulations, and Teaching Activities, all of which help instructors teach important topics and events in American history. Master teachers write the curricular materials, which are then critiqued by other teachers and college historians. The rigorous peer-review process ensures that the content meets the highest standards in pedagogy, historiography, and academic publishing.

Special thanks to these teachers for their contributions to Columbia American History Online:

Elizabeth Aaron
Bruce Baskind
Paul Faeh
Michael Flamm
Jason George
Monica Gisolfi
Reiko Hillyer
Batya Kleinfeld
Daniel Kotzin
Alyce Loesch
Andrew Meyers
Brenda Santos

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Academic Advisers and Consultants
Thea Hunter
Dick Parsons
Elizabeth Robeson
Eric Rothschild
Carl Shulkin
Thomas Thurston
Thorin Tritter
Phil Van Fossen
Tracey Wilson

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Archivists and Librarians
Special thanks to the following librarians and archivists at Columbia University, who went out of their way to make library materials accessible to the CAHO teachers or provided invaluable advice for the editorial development of CAHO:

Jean Ashton, Director, Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Mary Cargill, Reference Librarian, Butler Library
Bernard Crystal, Curator of Manuscripts, Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Trevor Dawes, Head, Circulation & Support Services
Marilyn Pettit, Director, Columbia University Archives & Columbiana Library
Patricia Renfro, Deputy University Librarian
Bob Scott, Head, Electronic Text Service and Reference Librarian
John Tofanelli, Anglo-American Bibliographer
Sarah Witte, Reference Librarian, Butler Library

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Legal Expertise
Gratitude for their legal expertise on matters of copyright is extended to:

Beryl Abrams, Associate General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
James Burger, Manager, Research and Rights
Felice Rosan, Associate General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel

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Ursula Bollini – Senior Director, Marketing and Sales
Jonathan Bowen – Copyeditor and Proofreader
Kathryn Brown – Project Director, Information Strategy
James Bullen – Director, IT Applications
Quinn Burke – Marketing and Sales Coordinator
Jason Fox – Senior Director, Production and Creative Services
Jeffrey Florendo – Senior Web Developer
Nicholas Frankovich – Copyeditor
Othniel Harris – Associate Web Developer
Brian Hoffman – Information Architect
Siddharth Iyer – Student Intern and Researcher
Harriet Jackson – Executive Editor and Project Editor
Carol Kassel – Director, Subscriber Services
Scott La Londe – Director, Project Management
Noah Levitt – Systems Programmer
Jason Magnus – Quality Assurance Intern
Esther Mandelheim – Assistant Editor
Chris McKenna – Associate Web Developer
David Millman – Senior Director, IT Services
Sasha Mysakova – Senior Web Designer
Matt Nadelhaft – Quality Assurance Manager
Barbara Pandaru – Rights and Research Administrator
Brock Pennington – Copyeditor and Proofreader
Kathryn Pope – Project Director and Director, Research and Rights
Mark Reilly – Associate Web Developer
Frank Joseph Rudy – Project Director
Richard Slovak – Copyeditor
Georgette Stokes – Marketing and Development Associate
Merran Swartwood – Student Intern, Researcher and Quality Assurance
Kate Wittenberg – Senior Director, E-Publishing and Editor-in-Chief
Carlos Zambrano – Associate Web Developer
Scott Zillitto – Internet Researcher

Todd Hardy, Executive Director and President
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The generosity of John Adler, publisher of HarpWeek, who often provided materials at no cost, is also appreciated.

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CAHO is being provided to you for your own use. Any copying or distribution of CAHO materials is prohibited.