Welcome to Columbia American History Online, a learning resource designed for students and teachers of American history. CAHO features 19 e-seminars taught by world-renowned Columbia University professors Casey Blake, Alan Brinkley, Eric Foner, and Kenneth T. Jackson.
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Library Journal, Oct. 15, 2003

This site is not longer being developed or maintained, but was part of a series of early and experimental online learning projects. Material here continues at present to be available to members of the Columbia community, but there may be some segments of the site that no longer work as initially intended.

America Since 1945 – E-Seminar 7, The Vietnam War
Resource Type: E-Seminar
Taught by: Alan Brinkley

In this e-seminar, the seventh in the series America Since 1945, Professor Alan Brinkley reviews the answers to two questions: how and why did the United States become involved in the Vietnam War? And how and why did that involvement end so badly?
Pop UpTimeline: Cultural Revolutions
Resource Type: Interactive Learning Tool
Taught by: Alan Brinkley

View the transformation of American culture as illustrated by this interactive timeline, beginning with events of the turbulent 1960s and followed by highlights of the broad social changes that were a consequence. Excerpted from Cultural Revolutions, the eighth in a series of ten e-seminars taught by Professor Alan Brinkley.
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What's New for Fall
Welcome Back! CAHO was recently updated to include two new e-seminars: The Vietnam War and Cultural Revolutions, both taught by Professor Alan Brinkley.

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