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About E-Seminars

E-seminars are three- to five-hour learning experiences taught by distinguished members of the Columbia University faculty. They combine images, video, and a variety of other media—affording students and teachers an in-depth look at some of the most popular history courses at Columbia. These e-seminars span a wide range of events, periods, and themes in American history, as well as a broad spectrum of contemporary historical scholarship.

E-seminars may appear in a series. Individual e-seminars in a series can be experienced in succession or as independent, self-contained learning experiences. Please review the technical requirements before launching an e-seminar.

Curricular Materials

An assortment of curricular materials, created by distinguished AP history teachers, accompanies selected e-seminars. Document-based questions (DBQs), point-counterpoint arguments, and classroom simulations facilitate students' engagement with a particular e-seminar, and relate it to a standard curriculum. Teaching activities offer supplementary material to facilitate the teacher's use of the e-seminar in the classroom.


America Since 1945 – E-Seminar 7, The Vietnam War
Resource Type: E-Seminar
Taught by: Alan Brinkley

In this e-seminar, the seventh in the series America Since 1945, Professor Alan Brinkley reviews the answers to two questions: how and why did the United States become involved in the Vietnam War? And how and why did that involvement end so badly?
includes curricular materials

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