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First English settlements

1.  Jamestown

2.  Plymouth


History as Destiny: The Case of New York City
Resource Type: E-Seminar

Relevant transcripts:
New York versus Boston

Relevant interactive tools:
British Cities
British Cities

The Origins of Slavery in the New World
Resource Type: E-Seminar

Relevant pages:
Slavery in the Americas: Free to Forced Labor
Slavery in the Americas: Plantation Agriculture

Relevant texts:
Excerpt from an indentured servant's letter to his parents (1623).

Relevant transcripts:
Professor Foner compares the benefits and misfortunes resulting from the "discovery" of America.

The Struggle for Freedom
Resource Type: E-Seminar

Relevant pages:

Slavery in History: New World Encounters
Resource Type: Primary Source
This map from Theatrum orbis terrarum (1570) by Abraham Ortelius depicts what the European explorers understood of their world in the period after Columbus's encounters. The interior of the Americas, compared to that of Africa and Asia, was relatively unknown and, hence, unmapped by famous European cartographers.

Slavery in the Americas: Plantation Agriculture
Resource Type: Primary Source
A Counterblaste to Tobacco by James I, king of England (1604)

Mapping Early New York City
Resource Type: Classroom Simulation
In this innovative simulation students learn the skills of mapping. Although focused here on the early history of New York City, these skills can be applied to any urban center in any time period.

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