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Colleges and universities


History as Destiny: The Case of New York City
Resource Type: E-Seminar

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Educational Establishments
Educational Establishments

The Crisis of Victorianism
Resource Type: E-Seminar

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Young Roosevelt sought strength and vigor.
Young Roosevelt sought strength and vigor.

The Search for a Scientific Culture
Resource Type: E-Seminar

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The Impact of The Origin of Species

The Divorce of Theory and Practice
Resource Type: Primary Source
George Santayana (1863-1952).

Women and the Progressive Era
Resource Type: Document-Based Question
The discussion of women at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century is often separated into different chapters and topics. This DBQ asks students to combine what they have learned about American society and about the changing roles and perceptions of women to evaluate the women's movement during the Progressive Era.

The First Loan Fund Recipient
Resource Type: Primary Source
Frances Johnson was the first recipient of a college loan from a branch of the American Association of University Women. This enabled her to attend Cornell University. She is discussed in the minutes of the branch, published in 1925.

Marriage Rates of Alumnae
Resource Type: Primary Source
This table shows the marriage rates of women who graduated from a variety of American colleges during the period of 1820–1930.

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