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Publishing and journalism


Colonial City: Revolutionary Battleground
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Early Nineteeth-Century New York
Horace Greeley on New York

The Search for a Scientific Culture
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The Physical World Transformed
The Impact of The Origin of Species

The Impact of The Origin of Species
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Darwinism was charicatured not only in the press but in other forms of popular culture as well. The refrain of this novelty song with music by "O'Rangoutang" is "It certainly is most absurd/ The fact can never be!/ My great grand daddy never was/ A 'Monkey' up a tree" (1874).

Tenement Slum
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Jacob Riis, a reporter for the New York Sun newspaper, helped raise awareness about the conditions of the urban poor with his 1890 publication, How the Other Half Lives: Studies among the Tenements of New York. This book would later influence Theodore Roosevelt.

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