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The Gilded Age

A.  A conservative presidency

B.  Issues

1.  Tariff controversy

2.  Railroad regulation

3.  Trusts

C.  Agrarian discontent

D.  Crisis of 1890s

1.  Populism

2.  Silver question

3.  Election of 1896: McKinley versus Bryan


The Crisis of Victorianism
Resource Type: E-Seminar

Relevant pages:
The Threat of Change
The Example of Theodore Roosevelt
Roosevelt and Public Life

Relevant texts:
Frederick Jackson Turner "The Significance of the Frontier in American History" (1893)

Relevant interactive tools:
The 1890s were a time of conflict.
The 1890s were a time of conflict.
Young Roosevelt sought strength and vigor.
Young Roosevelt sought strength and vigor.

Why the Farmers Revolted
Resource Type: Primary Source
This article appeared in the magazine Forum in 1893, during a time when many American farmers were facing great distress.

Letter of a Woman Homesteader
Resource Type: Primary Source
Elinore Pruitt Stewart was one of many female homesteaders. In 1914, her letters were published in Letters of a Woman Homesteader. One letter, dated October 14, 1911, is reproduced below.

Women and Social Reform
Resource Type: Classroom Simulation
In this simulation, students will be assigned the role of a prominent, late-nineteenth-century, middle-class American woman. The goal is to understand the changing perceptions and roles of women in Progressive-era America, as they took on leadership roles in a variety of associational groups such as the YWCA and the Red Cross.

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