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Municipal, state, and national reforms

1.  Political: suffrage

2.  Social and economic: regulation


Urban Crisis: Fire and Water
Resource Type: E-Seminar

Relevant texts:
Telegraphs and Building Codes
General Slocum
New Fire Codes

Relevant transcripts:
Solving the Fire Problem
Volunteers Oppose Professionalization

Relevant interactive tools:
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Part 1
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Part 2
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Part 1
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Part 2

Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Professionalizing Private Life
Resource Type: Primary Source

Resource Type: Primary Source
Frances Perkins (1882-1965), a leader in the factory-safety reform spawned by the Triangle Shirtwaist fire.

Scientific Advances and Thinking
Resource Type: Document-Based Question
By the late-nineteenth century, science and scientific thought influenced American intellectual life and culture. The documents attached to this DBQ allow students to assess how the achievements of science were both admired and feared.

Women and Social Reform
Resource Type: Classroom Simulation
In this simulation, students will be assigned the role of a prominent, late-nineteenth-century, middle-class American woman. The goal is to understand the changing perceptions and roles of women in Progressive-era America, as they took on leadership roles in a variety of associational groups such as the YWCA and the Red Cross.

Growth of Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Resource Type: Primary Source
This 1959 chart shows the growth in membership of women involved in the movement to prohibit the consumption of alcohol.

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