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New Deal

A.  Franklin D. Roosevelt

1.  Background, ideas

2.  Philosophy of New Deal

B.  100 Days; 'alphabet agencies'

C.  Second New Deal

D.  Critics, left and right

E.  Rise of CIO; labor strikes

F.  Supreme Court fight

G.  Recession of 1938

H.  American people in the Depression

1.  Social values, women, ethnic groups

2.  Indian Reorganization Act

3.  Mexican American deportation

4.  The racial issue


Urban Crisis: Fire and Water
Resource Type: E-Seminar

New Deal Order
Resource Type: E-Seminar

Relevant texts:
Ask Alan Brinkley: Why did the role of government expand so rapidly and dramatically after World War II?

Relevant transcripts:
Section from Franklin Roosevelt's second inaugural speech, from January 20, 1937, unedited. Poor sound quality is due to rain drops on the microphone.
If production were regulated, the economy would prosper.

Resource Type: Primary Source
Frances Perkins (1882-1965), a leader in the factory-safety reform spawned by the Triangle Shirtwaist fire.

New Deal Liberalism and Postwar Economic Growth
Resource Type: Document-Based Question
The primary sources in this DBQ help students explore the legacy of New Deal liberalism as American society is transformed during the 1940s and 50s. Economic, political, and social issues interact to simultaneously and paradoxically enhance and undermine government intervention in American society.

Key Figures
Resource Type: Primary Source
Franklin D. Roosevelt

America Since 1945—E-Seminar 1, The Post–New Deal Order
Resource Type: E-Seminar
What was once routinely known as "the postwar era" is now a period of more than half a century, during which the United States has probably changed more rapidly and profoundly than during any other period of its history. Historian Alan Brinkley offers an introduction to and a framework for understanding the United States since 1945.

Legacies: The American Welfare State
Resource Type: Primary Source
Classic poster of the Works Progress Administration, or WPA, one of the many New Deal projects of FDR's administration.

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